Why Consider Essential Oils for Health Maintenance

Why Consider Essential Oils for Health Maintenance

Why does the phrase essential oils conjure up images sinister witches brewing up toxic malevolence toward humanity when in fact the scientific community is now exploring the benefits essential oils have in treating a variety of diseases, including cancer, HIV, asthma, bronchitis, heart strokes and many more. Moreover you do not have to be a witch or a chemical genuis to create your own essential oils.

Alternative holistic medicine practitioners, herbalist and shamans alike employ essential oils for: general improvement as in aromatherapy; alternative medicine; sanitary uses in preventing infection and as preventive health maintenance remedy. But, before I can tell you about my favorite two essential oils which are included in my repertoire of healing remedy for my COPD; I need to explain why I use these essential oils  and how my health has improved because of them.

The first of my favorites is  Mullein, a wooly-leafed biennial herbaceous plant of the figwort family and tall spikes of yellow flowers found throughout the United States and the second Mugwort native to temperate regions but also common in the U.S. Both of these raw products are used for making essential oils and both have  a history of use as a favored herbal remedy.

 Mugwort is found on the ground almost anywhere is probably right in your own backyard.  While Mullein grounded leafs may be safely smoked if one chooses because of the herb’s ability to relax the body and the mind encouraging more comfortable sleep; herbalist normally use the root to make medicine and the leaves may be used for tonics and or teas or smoked if one prefers. Mugwort is a plant of the daisy family with aromatic leaves that are dark green above and whitish below. The root of both the Mullein and the Mugwort are made into medicine while the top flower and stamens contain the essence for essential oil.

  • Mugwort Essential Oil (Artemisia vulgaris) has calming properties. It was used as protective oil against danger and evil. It also increases psychic power.
  • Mullein Essential Oil  Common Mullein or Verbascum Thapsus and Wavy Leaf Mullein or Verbascum Sinuatum, as they are botanically known, are both used to extract the essential oil.  From a very long time ago, Mullein was famously known as Candlewick, as it as actually was used to make candlewicks. Later on, its medicinal uses became more important.

Among the variable ways to extract the essence from a particular plant or flower or fruit producing plant or tree the distillation process is the most complicated; requiring specialized equipment and careful monitoring throughout.  Some of the most common and safe for human consumption and use are peppermint, tea tree, lavender, lemon and grapefruit. When essential oils are distilled often using steam to separate and extract the essence the volatile aroma compound from the plant, the characteristic fragrance of the plant is derived from the essence, that concentrated hydrophobic liquid is known as the volatile oils known as ethereal oil or aetherolea oil; simply the oil of the plant from which it is extracted. Essential oils may include essences obtained from either the plant flowers, stems, roots and even the fruit itself. The three methods used are Distillation Extraction by steam; Expression Extraction through cold-press similar to olive oil extraction and Solvent Extraction using ethanol alcohol. The thing all of these oils have in common when becoming essential oils is that you typically have potent antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Currently there are over 90 essential oils each having their own health benefit and blend well with each other. Nevertheless, one should not solely rely on essential oils as a substitute for sound medical treatment and should first check with a medical officer.  The essential oil itself is concentrated and strong which may cause side effects if not taken in the proper manner and dosage. Essential oils are generally found in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products such as lotions and salves, for flavoring food and drink and for adding scents to incense and household cleaning products often disguised under other unpronounceable scientific names. Most flowers use the Solvent Extraction because they contain too little volatile oil to undergo expression and chemical compounds are too delicate to undergo steam distillation.

Why should one consider the health benefits of essential oils?  Why not? I personally can think of seven good reasons to consider essential oils in one’s health and wellness.  They are 1. Relaxes the body and mind 2. Expels phlegm 3. Cures nervous disorders 4. Prevents hair loss 5. Removes body odor 6. Aids in digestion and 7. Regulated obstructed menses.

Now to my personal favorites Mullein and Mugwort.

The properties of Mullein is that it is an analgesic; it is an anti-inflammatory antiseptic; used as a disinfectant, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, and a great relaxant as well as tranquilizing.  Health benefits include increased urination for the removal of toxins from the body, relief from pain in order to sedate inflammation, protect wounds from becoming septic, and relaxes the body and mind thus encouraging sleep.  I use it blended with spearmint from my backyard as a seeping tea relief for improved breathing and keeping my lungs clear and mucus-free.

Another favorite of mine is Mugwart of mine is Mugwort. This common foliage is found almost everywhere. One may gather the leaves to brew a tea or use a drop or two of the essence oil to add to a cup of tea. The properties of this essential oil is frequently used as a cordial and other uses for digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, nervine stimulant, uterine health and vermifuge. Health benefits include increased urination for the removal of toxins from the body, treats nervous disorders, stimulates systemic fractions, maintains uterine health and kills intestinal worms. I usually obtain mugwart usually mixed as a herb in various essential oils.

These two essential oils maintain general good health and provide a natural and organic alternative to pills and antacids and congestive liquids sold in drugstores.

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