Carrier Oils – The Safe Way to Apply Essential Oils


Carrier Oils – The Safe Way to Apply Essential Oils

The general rule when applying 100% therapeutic essential grade oils such as Young Living  Essential Oils is to never put undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. Diluting not only helps to protect your well-being, it can save you money. It is important to know when to dilute certain essential oils as opposed to directly applying them on the skin. Using essential oils on the skin without diluting them is referred to as applying them “neat”.

There are some essential oils especially those of the citrus family that are photosensitive and one should not go out in the sun after applying. These may prove photo toxic causing skin sensitivity manifesting an inflammatory reaction in the skin. Instead the use of a carrier oil is required.  A carrier oil is a vegetable oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or grape seed oil that is used to dilute essential oils.  Young Living V-6 vegetable Oil Complex is an excellent carrier oil for all applications.  Carrier oils ensure that essential oils applied topically are comfortable to the skin.

Photosensitization and photooxicity can occur with certain essential oils constituents or natural chemicals found in particular essential oils containing furanocoumarins which react when

exposed to Ultraviolet UVA light.  Visible reactions typically peak up to three days after initial UV exposure. Some essential oils which contain furanocoumarins and are to be used with caution are:

Angelica root





Mandarin leaf

Orange, Bitter


Some thought to be photo toxic but are safe to use in the sun are:

Bergamot steam distilled

Lemon steam distilled

Lime steam distilled

Mandarin cold pressed

Orange, Sweet cold pressed

Tangerine cold pressed

And so it is always the good idea to dilute your essential oils before applying directly on the skin.






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